Named for Jose Martí, the beloved Cuban poet, author and freedom fighter in
Cuba's battle for freedom from Spanish rule in the 1890's, Martí Mojito, Martí
Coconut, Martí Platino Superior and limited production Martí Dorado Especiál capture the soul of the island.

Chatham's Joseph J. Magliocco tracked down a master distiller who made rums
in Cuba in the early 50's and 60's to help him recreate the authentic Cuban-Style
rum for the ultra premium Martí brand.

Gently infused with the flavors of Caribbean lime, cane, and a special mint
closely resembling the fabled Cuban hierba buena, Martí Mojito is an 80 proof
premium rum that captures the soul of a Mojito in a bottle. Great mixed, neat,
on the rocks, or as is the custom in Havana, in a Mojito.